Merit Badges

Merit Badge Counselors

The Five Trails District Advancement Committee maintains a list of MB Counselors.

If you are a Scoutmaster and need assistance finding MB Counselors for particular MBs, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Boy Scout Advancement - Merit Badges

Merit Badges are earned by a Scout when he:

  • Registers for a Merit Badge (MB) 
    • Using what is known as a "blue card"
      • Filled out by the Scout 
      • Signed by the Scoutmaster
      • Used to track progress in the MB 
    • Find a BSA-registered MB Counselor to work with
      • Names of MB Counselors provided by the Scoutmaster 
  • Usually purchases a MB pamphlet (not required, but VERY useful)
  • Often prints out the MB workbook provided at the USSSP link below 
  • Performs the work to earn the MB
  • Has the MB Counselor sign the "blue card" 
  • Has the Scoutmaster sign the "blue card" 
  • Turns the "blue card" in to his Troop's advancement for processing
  • Is awarded the MB at the next Court of Honor (CoH)


For official MB information, click ===>> Official BSA Merit Badge Information.  

Additional resources are available at several independent sources, including:  

You will also notice that these links often contain other advancement information as well as Merit Badge resources.  



2018 Spring MB College

The Five Trails Spring MB College is now open for registration! 

For more information, click HERE

Five Trails Spring MB College!

The Five Trails Spring MB College is now open for registration! See the current flier HERE

To see which MBs are being offered and a list of completions/partials/pre-requisites, click HERE

Scouts register for their own MBs ... after getting approval from their Scoutmaster. 

To register for the MB College, click HERE

Note: Registration will close on Monday, February 26

Generally we have ~a dozen MBs offered, with several of them being Eagle-required. 

The spring MB College is on Saturday, March 3, at PPUMC (Plymouth Park United Methodist Church, 1615 W. Airport Fwy. (a.k.a., TX 183), Irving, TX 75063). Cost is $5 for either one MB or two. Scouts must bring their own lunch. Scouts are responsible for printing/bringing their own MB workbook. Scouts are responsible for bringing their own MB pamphlet. 

Note: IF you are a MB Counselor who would like to teach a specific MB, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone will contact you -- if you give us your name, email, and a phone number that you will answer. 

Circle Ten Council Spring Break MB University!

The Circle Ten Council Spring Break MB University is now open for registration! 

See the current flier (listed by day of the week) HERE. To see a summary of MBs and which days they are offered, click HERE

The MB University is being held in the dining hall/classroom building at Circle Ten's Camp Wisdom, 6400 W. Red Bird Lane, Dallas 75236.

There are 10 MBs being offered, with 6 of them being Eagle-required. All but two of the MBs being offered are all-day; two are half-day. Full-day MBs run from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. 

Scouts register for their own MBs ... after getting approval from their Scoutmaster. Each Scout is responsible for: 

  • Properly registering/paying for his participation in the MB University (see below) 
  • Getting/bringing his own MB blue card signed by his Scoutmaster  
  • Bringing his own MB pamphlet 
  • Bringing his own MB worksheet 
  • Bringing his own note-taking supplies (paper/pen/pencil/tablet/laptop/etc.)
  • Doing any pre-requisite work required before the MB University
    • Pre-requisites will be communicated prior to the MB University by the instructor after the Scout registers  
Registration is done on Circle Ten Camp-Master. To register for the MB College, click HERE and then scroll down to the event(s) you are interested in (March 12 through 16). Select the event that corresponds to the MB for which day you wish to register. You must register separately for each day you plan to attend. (Each MB takes a maximum of one day.) You must pay for each MB University course at the time you register for that day. The cost of one day is $20, lunch included. If a Scout signs up for multiple days, each day has its own registration/lunch fee.  List of MB University registration links PNG 


Note: Registration will close on Thursday, March 7, at 10 am.